We are more than a storefront

Our mission is to inspire and facilitate change in consumer habits and industry practices. NU Consulting was created to share our expertise and offer practical advice on waste reduction and sustainability – at home or in your business.

Welcome to NU Consulting!

I’m Sia, your point of contact for our consulting services.

Nine years ago, I embarked on my own zero waste journey and, over the years, have developed an expertise in waste-free and sustainable living.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Sustainability Management from University of Waterloo and have over 10 years of food industry experience, working mostly as a Sustainability Consultant for food services.

As the co-founder and COO of Ontario’s first zero waste grocery store, I am happy to share my knowledge and guide you on your path towards a waste-free home or business.

Zero Waste Business

Looking for ways to make your business more sustainable and less wasteful?

Whether you are running a restaurant, a store, an office or organize events, you create waste. We analyze your processes and propose practical solutions to minimize waste within your operations. We also help communicate your progress and results to your customers.

Want to know more? Email sia@nugrocery.com