Building a Sustainable Wardrobe Workshop

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Join our interactive workshop on building a sustainable wardrobe with Brittany Webster, founder of Consciously Curated Home. Brittany will talk about various aspects of fashion "from concept to closet", existing certifications, labels, transparency, fast fashion and greenwashing. And finally, she will share practical tips and tricks that you can easily incorporate in your everyday life! 

When: Saturday, March 25th at 9am

Where: NU Grocery Main (143 Main street)

Host: NU Grocery x Consciously Curated Home

Bonus : get 25% OFF on any service with Consciously Curated Home.

Brittany Webster is a local environmentally-minded entrepreneur, mom and blogger. She is passionate about fashion, design and wellness, seeking to bring balance and awareness to the way we organize our homes, design our surroundings and present ourselves to the world.

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