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NEW! Indigo Soda CO2 bottle
It's the season! Pie Pumpkin
NEW! Fresh Cranberries
NEW! Maple Syrup
NEW! This Year's Local Honeycrisp Apples
It's the season! Delicata SquashIt's the season! Delicata Squash
It's the season! Acorn Squash
It's the season! Spaghetti Squash
It's the season! Butternut Squash
NEW! Large Local Squash
NEW! Local Pears
NEW! Local Basil
NEW! Local Eggplants
NEW! Local Mixed Greens
NEW! Local Garlic
IT'S BACK! Local Cauliflower
NEW! Local Lettuce
NEW! Canned Chickpeas - Organic
NEW! Canned Navy Beans - Organic
NEW! Canned Green Lentil - Organic
NEW! Canned Kidney Beans - Organic
NEW! Canned Black Beans - Organic
NEW! Canned Diced Tomatoes - Organic
NEW! Coconut Milk - Organic & Fair Trade

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