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NEW! Plant-Based Milk Concentrate - OrganicNEW! Plant-Based Milk Concentrate - Organic
NEW! Fruit Cake MixNEW! Fruit Cake Mix
NEW! Crushed Candy CanesNEW! Crushed Candy Canes
NEW! Lime
NU Grocery NEW! Lime
Sale price $0.99
NEW! Grapefruit
NU Grocery NEW! Grapefruit
Sale price $2.49
NEW! Local Rum Raisin Stollen - FrozenNEW! Local Rum Raisin Stollen - Frozen
NEW! Walnuts in the Shell
NEW! Chocolate Covered GingerNEW! Chocolate Covered Ginger
NEW! Snowflake Cookie
NEW! Pomegranate
NU Grocery NEW! Pomegranate
Sale price $3.49
NEW! Eggnog - Organic
NEW! Vegetable Broth - Organic
NEW! Russet Potatoes
NEW! Clementines
NU Grocery NEW! Clementines
Sale price $3.99
NEW! German Swiss Cheese
NEW! Baked Beans (Vegan)NEW! Baked Beans (Vegan)
NEW! Tomato Bisque (Vegan & Gluten-Free) - FrozenNEW! Tomato Bisque (Vegan & Gluten-Free) - Frozen
Local Spaghetti Squash - Organic
NEW! Sweet Potato
NU Grocery NEW! Sweet Potato
Sale price $2.59
This Year's Local Honeycrisp Apples

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