Here are your frequently asked questions about our GROCERY DELIVERIES and CURBSIDE PICKUP. Do you have a question that is not listed below? Email it to us at and we will be happy to answer it and add it to the list!

Where and when do you deliver?

How do you deliver?

What packaging do you use?

How do I return jars and bottles?

What is the delivery fee?

What about curbside pickup?

Are your deliveries carbon-neutral?

Where and when do you deliver?

Since May 17th, we've started packing online orders at our NU Warehouse located at Ottawa's City Centre. This additional space is a game changer which allows us to offer grocery deliveries to more neighbourhoods in the Ottawa and Gatineau region.

We currently deliver to the following postal codes:

Postal codes Delivery day & time Cut-off to place order

Centre and Hull:

K1M, K1K, K1L, K1N, K1A, K2P, K1S, K1R, K1Y, K1Z, J8X

Tuesday 2pm - 6pm

Wednesday 2pm - 6 pm

Thursday 2pm - 6 pm

6pm on the day before your chosen delivery day

West and South:

K2A, K2C, K2B, K2H, K2R, K2M, K2L, K2V, K2T, K2K, K2E, K1V, K1H, K2C, K2G, K2J, K1T, K2S

Wednesday 2pm - 6pm Tuesday 6pm

East and Gatineau:

K1J, K1B, K1G, K1C, K1W, K1E, K4A

J8Y, J9A, J8Z, J8T, J8P, J9J, J9H, J9B

Thursday 2pm - 6pm Wednesday 6pm

Another way to check if and when we deliver to your neighbourhood is to use the postal code check on our homepage!

How do you deliver?

We have partnered with local delivery service GopherIt to safely bring your package to you!

Our delivery routes are short (10 stops on average within a same neighbourhood) in order to minimize the time your package spends on the road. 

What packaging do you use?

We're staying true to our zero waste mission and your delivery is 100% plastic-free!

  • Dry products are packaged in recyclable and compostable brown paper bags, closed with a rubber band that you can return to us for reuse.
  • Liquid or "wet" products are packaged in redeemable glass jars and bottles. We charge a deposit on these glass containers and refund the deposit when you return them to us.
  • Fruits and vegetables are added to your box without packaging whenever possible. We use brown paper bags for produce that require bagging (baby spinach, Brussel sprouts...).
  • Finally, your products are packed in a cardboard box closed with a paper tape that are also fully recyclable and compostable. The label that we put on the box is made of paper. It comes on a special paper liner that can also be recycled, unlike most shipping labels that have a plastic liner that goes to trash!

How do I return jars and bottles?

Simply put the jars and bottles in a box with your name on it (we suggest you reuse one of your delivery boxes), and leave it on your doorstep or give it to the driver on your next delivery. We refund deposits on your method of payment within a week.

Jars are professionally washed and sanitized before being reused.

You can also return the rubber bands. We'll sanitize and reuse them!

What is the delivery fee?

We offer free delivery for orders over $150.*

We charge $12 for orders under $150.

*Due to the sharp increase in gas prices we had to increase our minimum order amount for free shipping and delivery to $150. With this increase, we are able to keep our standart shipping and delivery fee at $12. 

What about curbside pickup?

We also offer free curbside pickup at our NU Warehouse located at City Centre, 250 City Centre Avenue, Bay 120.

Our warehouse is conveniently located between Hintonburg and Little Italy and has plenty of parking space.

Pickup days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Pick up on Tuesday between 2 and 4 pm if you placed your order before Monday 6 pm.
  • Pick up on Wednesday between 1 and 4 pm if you placed your order before Tuesday 6 pm.
  • Pick up on Thursday between 1 and 4 pm if you placed your order before Wednesday 6 pm.

No appointment necessary. Make sure to have your order number with you.

Are your deliveries carbon-neutral?

Not yet, but making them carbon-neutral is an important project for us moving forward. For now, we keep transportation-related GHG emissions low by choosing to deliver each area on one particular day of the week instead of servicing all areas on multiple days. This allows us to:

  • consolidate deliveries - our vehicles are packed when they leave and we don't ship air
  • keep deliveries within a neighbourhood to keep mileage low

Moving forward, we envision offering deliveries with EVs or electric cargo bikes, once this service becomes available in Ottawa!