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Local HoneyLocal Honey
TrueBee Honey Local Honey
Sale price From $7.79
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Raon Kitchen Kimchi
Sale price $14
Local Empire Apples
Cultured Coconut Yogurt
MmmChef Cultured Coconut Yogurt
Sale price $12.50
Smoked CheddarSmoked Cheddar
St-Albert Smoked Cheddar
Sale price $3.79
Save $2.60
Vegan Cashew CheeseVegan Cashew Cheese
Happy Heart Vegan Gourmet Vegan Cashew Cheese
Sale price From $10.39 Regular price $12.99
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Free Roam Eggs (dozen)
Samosa - FrozenSamosa - Frozen
Rinag Foods Samosa - Frozen
Sale price From $1.49
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Samosa Sauce
Rinag Foods Samosa Sauce
Sale price $4.49
Tofu Block Organic
La Soyarie Tofu Block Organic
Sale price $3.49
Tofu Burger - FrozenTofu Burger - Frozen
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Old CheddarOld Cheddar
St-Albert Old Cheddar
Sale price $3.59
Medium CheddarMedium Cheddar
St-Albert Medium Cheddar
Sale price $3.59
Chickpeas Restaurant Falafels
Sale price $12.50
Date ButterDate Butter
Bisou Date Butter
Sale price $7.99
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Peanut Butter Energy Ball
Date SquareDate Square
Yummy Cookies Date Square
Sale price $3.50
Date Square - Vegan and Gluten-FreeDate Square - Vegan and Gluten-Free
Nanaimo Bar - Vegan & Gluten-FreeNanaimo Bar - Vegan & Gluten-Free

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