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Westboro GranolaWestboro Granola
NU Grocery Westboro Granola
Sale price $9.05
Apple Cider (2 liter) - Local
Bee Pollen Local
Hot SauceHot Sauce
Meow! That's Hot Hot Sauce
Sale price $7.99
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BBQ Sauce
Les Fermes Marcello BBQ Sauce
Sale price $7.49
Ketchup Marcello
Salsa Sauce
Suntech Salsa Sauce
Sale price $5.99
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Sauerkraut OrganicSauerkraut Organic
Juniper Farm Sauerkraut Organic
Sale price $13.49
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Pickled Beets
Spiced Pickled Carrots
Molasses Baked Beans
Thai Green Curry (Dehydrated Meal)
Bibimbap Korean Fried Rice (Dehydrated Meal)
The Original Fried Rice (Dehydrated Meal)
Lavender Soap
Purple Urchin Lavender Soap
Sale price $7.99
Grapefruit Grenade Soap
Cologne Soap
Purple Urchin Cologne Soap
Sale price $6.99
Goat's Milk Soap
Face Bar with Activated Charcoal
Lavender Rosemary Patchouli Soap
Pine Soap
Orange Cinnamon Soap

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