Reusable Coffee Filters (Set of 2)

Size: #2 cone
Sale price $15.99


Reusable filters made from 100% USDA Certified organic cotton and handmade in the USA. Can be used in coffee machines and pour-over cones. It is recommended to boil new filters in fresh water to clean and shrink for 10 minutes. Rinse them after use, hang to dry. Every 4-6 weeks, boil filters in fresh water to remove accumulated coffee oils. Available in cone sizes #2, #4 and basket filter. 
When my coffee machine broke I replaced it with a coffee pot that I already had, a coffee dripper (the one I used on my camping trips) and just bought this pack of coffee socks. They do the job perfectly, create no waste, and my coffee gets great reviews! 
Brand: Coffee Sock
Material: USDA Certified organic cotton
Made in USA

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