French Coffee Press

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This Dresden model is one of the most eco-friendly coffee presses you can find on the market. It is made with over 50% recycled plastic material, durable heatproof borosilicate glass and stainless steel, and packaged with over 50% recycled paper. Sleek design and easy maintenance: just rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. Makes 8 cups / 1000 ml / 34 oz, enough for 2-3 large cups of coffee. Can also be used for tea.

Coffee presses are a great way to make rich, full-flavoured coffee. Coarse ground coffee (the grind you should always use in a French press) infuses completely with the entire body of hot water over a few minutes, which allows the flavours and oils to come out and offer a true coffee taste. French Presses are simple to use and require no wasteful filter paper or coffee pods. It is also manufactured by Grosche, a registered B-Corporation who plants 1 tree for each Dresden sold in partnership with Trees for the Future.

Brand: Grosche

Material: glass, stainless steel, plastic (50% recycled), cardboard box (50% recycled)

Made in Taiwan

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