Portable Water Purifier

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This portable purifier pod can be used in both hot and cold water and is highly adaptable. It can be dropped into and moved between any device, from water bottle to coffee maker, household jug to hydration bladder. One pod will purify 264 gallons of water (approximately 6 months of usage).

This filtration power comes from an unlimited, renewable resource that has served as “nature’s filter” for 20 million years: diatomaceous earth. Because diatomaceous earth is a natural, positively charged material, it attracts and neutralizes contaminants present in the water while optimizing the pH to 7.4 and releasing valuable trace minerals.  

Within the first two minutes of dropping it into your bottle or container, your water becomes fresh tasting and ready to drink. The pod will continuously purify your water, including every time you refill your container. It will also keep it free from slime and smell.

Note: Pods are not recommended as the sole source for purification of backcountry water (lakes, streams, etc) and should be used with potable water only.

Sold in a glass container. When you are finished with your Pod, return it to one of our locations and we will send it back to GOpure for recycling.

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