Dish Scrubber

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The hard bristles are made of natural tampico fibre mounted on an untreated beechwood base. Head and bristles are both compostable. The brush is 6.5 cm in diameter and conveniently shaped for dish washing by hand.

This plastic-free brush is a great replacement for synthetic sponges and plastic scrubbers. We use it to scrub pots and pans when doing the dishes, or to clean a dirty bathtub or shower with our DIY magic scrubbing paste (see recipe in pictures, all ingredients are available at the store and online). Its shape is very ergonomic and it lasts longer than a sponge. The wood will darken with time because it's untreated, but the bristles stay in great shape. It is also manufactured sustainably in Germany by an ethical family business.

Material: Untreated beechwood, union fibre (mixture of stiff natural palmyra and soft white tampico fibres)

Made in Germany

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