Organic Cotton Bulk Bag with Flat Bottom

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Made of certified organic cotton, these bulk bags are designed with a large opening for easy filling and a flat bottom that makes them stand on their own while you fill them up at the bulk store. They have a double drawstring so you can pull on both ends and tie a bow to prevent food from falling out. The tare weight is conveniently written on the bag. Machine washable (wash with cold water to avoid shrinkage). Hang to dry. 

The small bag is great for snacks. Dimensions: opening diameter: 4.5", base diameter: 3.5", height: 6". Capacity: 3.3 cups or 0.78 Litres.

The medium bag is perfect for grain, pasta or legumes. Dimensions: opening diameter: 6.5", base diameter: 6", height: 8". Capacity: 13.5 cups or 3.19 Litres.

The large bag is designed to hold flour or fine bulk items like icing sugar. It features a main bag and a inner bag (slightly smaller to fit within the main bag) that prevents flour from seeping out. The seam of the inner bag is on the outside to prevent small particles of flour from accumulating inside the bag. Dimensions: opening diameter: 9", base diameter: 8", height: 10". Capacity: 27 cups or 6.4 Litres.

This is the ultimate bulk bag, designed by our friends at Life Without Plastic! They thought about every little detail: the tare on the bags, the double drawstring to close the bags tightly, the seam on the outside for the flour bag... and the flat bottom is simply genius. You can fill with one hand while the bag holds its own. 

We are proud to be the first brick and mortar store in Canada to sell them, and that Chantal chose our store to shoot the product pictures! (photo credit: @girlnconverse)

GIFTING TIP: A bulk bag is a gift in itself, but can also serve to wrap other gifts. Fill this one with other great Life Without Plastic products, like their popular spork and the stainless steel straw in a pouch.

Material: 100% untreated organic cotton

Made in India

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