Oleo-Calcareous Liniment

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An all-in-one skin care product that cleans, moisturizes and protects. This natural and creamy ointment is based on an ancestral recipe from Southern France and has been used for many generations on baby skin, in particular to clean the diaper area and prevent diaper rashes. It is made of only 5 certified organic ingredients. The ointment's base (limewater) restores the skin's natural appearance while the oil protects the skin. It contains no artificial stabilizer so it is common for the oil to separate. Shake well before use. Store in an opaque or amber bottle to protect from sunlight. 

We love this product for its incredible versatility. It is a product for the whole family. We use it as cleanser, makeup remover, face cream, body lotion, hand cream... and in the summer, as an after-sun lotion when spending time outside. Its simple recipe and natural ingredients make it an excellent product for sensitive skin. 

Ingredients: Olive oil, limewater, carnauba wax, grapefruit seed extract and vitamin

Price: $54.90 per kg

Sold in a 250 ml deposit glass jar. Net weight: approximately 200 g

Jar deposit: a $1 deposit is included in the price. Please bring the empty jar back to one of our stores and get your deposit back. If using our delivery service, please return empty jars on your next delivery for refund. You can also keep the jar and use it for your own storage needs!

Made in Montreal

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