Reusable Mini Pantyliner (Single)

Sale price $13.99


Washable and reusable pantyliner made of certified organic cotton and 2 layers of absorbent hemp. Designed with wings to hold them in place, secured by a snap button. The inside of the pad is purple, the back comes in a colourful seasonal pattern (patterns vary and can be different from the one pictured, but similar in style).

Great reusable alternative to throwaway pantyliners. Very comfortable, highly absorbent, and cute (because why not). Great quality for a reasonable price. Öko Creations is also run by an awesome sister duo. All their products are handmade in their Montreal shop. 

GIFTING TIP: Add an assortment of other Öko products to create a zero waste bathroom kit, for example a set of reusable hankies and a pack of reusable makeup remover pads. Pack them in a nice reusable pouch

Material: Hemp, organic cotton

Made in Montreal

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