Bioplastic Toothbrush With Replaceable Head

Bristles: Soft
Colour: Raspberry Red
Sale price $12.99


Made of 70% bioplastic, this toothbrush has a removable head with nylon bristles that is clipped onto the handle and can be removed easily after 3 months (the time after which dentists recommend you change toothbrush) and replaced with a new one.

Lamazuna has a partnership with Terracycle and will collect used heads to make sure they are properly recycled. Send or bring them back to us and we will take care of the rest. As for the handle, buy it once and keep it forever. Available with soft or medium bristles and a red, green, yellow, blue or purple handle. Heads and bristles are plain white.

The main advantage of this toothbrush in comparison to a bamboo toothbrush is that you can keep the handle forever and will only ever change the head. While the handle contains plastic to withstand the damp bathroom air, the fact that 70% of it is plant based shows a real commitment to sustainability. Thanks to Lamazuna's partnership with Terracycle, truly nothing goes to waste. Bring the used heads to our stores - we send them to Lamazuna ounce we have a full box.

Material: Bioplastic made from castor oil, plastic, nylon bristles

Made in France

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