Bulk Bag Duo

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Made of 100% natural cotton. Ideal to buy beans, seeds and grains, or to carry snacks. The large bag will also hold a head of lettuce or kale. This 2-pack includes a large bag (10" x 13") and a small bag (6" x 10"). Lightweight and washable. Close with a drawstring.

We're big fans of Dans Le Sac for the consistency and quality of their fabric and beautiful craftsmanship. We started carrying their bread bag and keep adding more! Bulk bags are a great alternative to jars when you buy dry foods. They are light, take little space and don't make noise (you know... the typical sound of the zero waste shopper carrying all their jars ;)). Wash with cold water to avoid shrinkage. 

Brand: Dans Le Sac

Material: 100% natural cotton

Made in Quebec

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