Buff Bar

Scent: Apricot
Sale price $19.99


80 grit buff bar that exfoliates and moisturizes skin at the same time. The textured top of the Apricot Buff Bar is made with apricot shells and organic cane sugar that exfoliate and soften your skin while rich cocoa butter moisturizes it. Scented with sweet orange essential oil.

The Espresso Buff Bar also contains coffee grinds that are know for their exfoliating properties.

Large 185 g bar that will last you long. Apply to wet skin until you have enough granules to exfoliate. Scrub away, rinse off and pat dry leaving the moisturizing skin loving cocoa butter on your skin. Remove the bar from the shower when not using for a longer lasting bar. 

Ingredients Apricot Buff Bar: Cocoa butter, apricot shells, organic cane sugar, rice flour, orange essential oil

Ingredients Espresso Buff Bar: Cocoa butter, apricot shells, organic cane sugar, rice flour, candelilla wax, espresso coffee grinds, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid

Made in Ottawa

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