Canning Jar (750 ml)

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Perfect to store wet, dried, preserved or pickled food. Jar and lid are made of sturdy high quality glass and are meant to be reused indefinitely. They come with a 100% natural rubber seal and two of Weck's signature stainless steel clamps that hold the lid and make it airtight. Clamps have a standardized size so you can use them for any of your Weck jars, regardless of the model and size. The Weck brand is embossed on the front of the jar and the lid. The wide mouth (100 mm - lid code 100) makes them easy to fill up. Unlike other jars, they are stackable, taking less storage space when not in use. 

We love these beautiful Made in Germany caning jars with their glass lids. No more jar lids that get rusty after a few uses and need to be replaced over and over again. Everything about these jars is made to last. Use them for storage, entertaining (you can use the 750ml one for layered salads in a jar, the 500ml for a layered dessert...) or - as intended - for canning. Canning is a great way to reduce food waste! 

Material: Glass, rubber, stainless steel

Made in Germany

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