Cellulose Sponge Cloth

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Reusable and 100% biodegradable sponge cloth made from natural cellulose and cotton. It eliminates the need for single-use paper towels. Highly absorbent. Can be composted at the end of its life. Natural white with blue pattern. Dimensions are 18 x 20 cm.

Hard core zero wasters will tell you that all you need to wipe a surface is a good old rag. It's true, but we are all at different stages in our zero waste journey. If you use paper towels today, this is the perfect transition product. I use this sponge cloth to clean kitchen table and counters, clean up spills, and I even dust my furniture with it. Clean it in the washer or dishwasher and reuse it until it falls apart (which hasn't happened to mine yet!). Comes without any packaging and is manufactured sustainably in Germany by an ethical family business.

Brand: Redecker

Material: 70% cellulose, 30% cotton

Made in Germany

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