Castile Soap

Scent: Blood Orange
Sale price $5.49


Castile soap is a natural soap made exclusively with vegetable oils. Its name comes from the Spanish region of Castile where this soap has been produced for many centuries. It can be used for personal care as well as household cleaning and is both gentle and effective. Check out our blog post "9 ways to use Castile soap" to learn more about this wonderful product and its many uses. Available citrus and scent-free.

Ingredients Lemon Basil: Water, organic sunflower (Quebec) and coconut oils, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, lemon and basil essential oils, polysorbate-20

* certified organic ingredient

Price: $20.90 per kg

Sold in a 250 ml deposit glass jar. Net weight: approximately 215 g

Jar deposit: a $1 deposit is included in the price. Please bring the empty jar back to one of our stores and get your deposit back. If using our delivery service, please return empty jars on your next delivery for refund. You can also keep the jar and use it for your own storage needs!

Made in Quebec

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