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Buying online and reducing waste usually don’t go together. When you buy online, your products need extra packaging in the form of cardboard boxes, tape, and those annoying plastic bubble wraps or foam peanuts that protect breakable goods. Not exactly zero waste!

So whenever possible, go to a store. You will save on packaging and strengthen your local economy.

But sometimes, you don’t have a choice. The product you are looking for is not available at a local store, or you don’t have the time to go there. We live busy lives, it’s just reality.

In our online store, you will find everything you need for the zero waste lifestyle. These products will help you reduce a lot of waste in the future, which will largely offset the initial waste creation of the delivery! We are also committed to using only paper packaging that is 100% recyclable. This includes the box, the tape, the outside label and any filler used to protect the product inside the box.


Shop Online Now!