Up for a #NUChallenge?

2017 has been good to us at NU, and we hope that 2018 will be even better! There is so much that we want to accomplish, from developing our business to growing the zero waste movement in Ottawa and beyond. Our wish is that 2018 be full of joy and positive change!

Positive change is everyone’s responsibility. Your choices matter. When you buy a sustainable product, you send a message to the market that the environment is important to you. You reward businesses that act responsibly and penalize those who don’t, hence creating an incentive for them to change their practices.

We invite you to make 2018 a year of good choices. More specifically, make 2018 your zero waste year! To help you along the way, we are launching the #NUChallenge. This month, we will challenge you to make small zero waste changes and share them with our community on social media.

We published our first challenge today, January 1st: this week, we challenge you not to waste food. Statistics tell us that Canadians throw away 30% of the food they buy. Isn’t that crazy? But YOU are not one of them  !

So tell us what you do with your leftover food. Post a picture or tell us a story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and enter a draw to win one of three $20 NU gift cards. Use the hashtag #NUChallenge and tag your friends!

Every other day, we will publish a new challenge. Each challenge is a chance for you to make little steps towards zero waste and celebrate those steps. We will be cheering!


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