With the first snow on the ground (and winter tires on just before the big storm started – patting myself on the back here), it’s “beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. We started decorating the store this week and could already feel the joy. We almost put Christmas music on but resisted the urge, after all we still have a few weeks to go before the holidays and will probably be fed up soon enough! 😉

New products are hitting the shelves in time for the Holiday Season. From incredible artisan-made soaps inspired by the flavours of the season (orange-cinnamon, spearmint-clove, peppermint-spearmint… need we say more?) to seasonal baking ingredients like candied oranges, organic diced ginger and fruit cake mix, we’re introducing products that will brighten your holiday season while supporting your zero waste lifestyle choices.

Holidays are a wasteful time of year. As always, we encourage you to apply a zero waste lens to every decision you make. Challenge yourself and pledge to send nothing to landfill this holiday season. Buy package-free groceries. Offer presents that are immaterial, that are plastic-free and built to last, or that leave no trace when consumed (hello beloved natural bar soaps). Reuse gift wrap from previous years, get creative with scrap paper or become expert in the ancient Japanese art of furoshiki (wrapping presents with fabric). Decorate your home with what you already have or what nature provides. Educate others, your friends, your colleagues, your family, so that every holiday season becomes less wasteful, and more focused on what really matters: warmth and togetherness, being instead of having.

Need help and inspiration? Then don’t miss our holiday workshop on Saturday November 24 at 2 pm at the store. NUbies Madeleine and Aisha will give you useful tips and ideas on zero waste gifting and wrapping. Aisha is the furoshiki queen and will teach you how to wrap your gifts artfully with a simple piece of fabric.

And of course, come to the store or visit our online store for great zero waste gift ideas!

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Have a wonderful and waste-free Holiday Season!

Your Team NU