Thanksgiving is the time of year dedicated to giving our thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the past year. While our celebrations may differ from one home to another, they are typically remembered for the delicious foods we ate and time we spent with friends and family.

At NU, we are celebrating our first Thanksgiving, but truth be told, we have been very thankful for the many families that have shared their harvest with us since our opening in August. Our local baked goods, fair trade coffee, handcrafted maple syrups, and everything in between have delighted our taste buds, but more importantly, helped us get incredible local goods from our family, to yours.

We could spend all day talking about the many families that play important roles at NU, and across Ottawa, but we’ll start with those that will be showing up in our homes, and on our tables, this Thanksgiving morning.

Helping us get our days off on the right foot this Thanksgiving Monday, and every day, are Amber and Craig Hall at Equator Coffee. They are not only waking up Ottawa with a fresh roast this morning, but are also ensuring that our coffee beans abide by Fair Trade Purchasing and Certified Organic standards.

Similarly thoughtful, and with nothing added but love, our Maple Syrup comes to us from Genevieve and Gabriel at Älska Farm.  Located in Farrelton, Quebec, their handcrafted maple syrup is coming to us from near, however their inspiration for naming their farm comes from a little further away. Älska is a nod to their Swedish background, and a word which means love, adore and cherish.

Operating with ethical and environmental values in mind is possible, and John and Cora Beking from Bekings Poultry Farm are putting these values into practice. They’re probably one of the busiest teams out there, because managing a flock of fourteen thousand chickens is no small feat, and John, Cora and their son David along with their team are able to do so without compromising the happiness or health of their birds, and loyal customers.

Having also built a local following within the Ottawa community is Ichiban Bakery, which is now lead by June and has been open for over 16 years in Old Ottawa South. Thanks to them, we’ll be ending our Thanksgiving morning on a high note, enjoying some of the delicious pastries and breads that come to us every morning from their bakery.

This may cap off our Thanksgiving morning, but there are many other local families that have accompanied us on this journey that we will be showcasing on our blog in the upcoming months. For now, we hope that you enjoy a restful Thanksgiving with family and friends, filled with lots of delicious foods… and zero waste.