Last weekend we hosted our first workshops of the year with Suzanne Laverdière from Faveur Montreal, one of our makers of natural soap. Both the morning and afternoon workshop were well attended and Suzanne taught us her easy recipes for laundry powder, natural stain remover and her (truly) magic scrubbing paste.

Want to try them out? No problem, because Suzanne put together a little booklet with her recipes and useful tips. Click on the link to check it out: Faveur natural laundry and cleaning recipes

And good news is, we have all her ingredients in store: we carry borax, sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate (it will be in stock at the end of the week) and even Suzanne’s organic grated household soap – all in bulk! So making your cleaning products is now the easiest thing in the world.

Why we love Faveur

Based in Montreal, Faveur is a producer of handmade natural soaps, personal hygiene products and cleaning products. All of their products are made of a few simple, natural and for the most part certified organic ingredients.

The cosmetics and household cleaning industry uses hundreds of chemical ingredients that are bad for the environment and for our health, even in products labelled as “natural”. It is completely unnecessary. A real soap made from 100% natural ingredients can clean just about anything: skin, hair, dishes and floors… and will do it efficiently without harming our health and planet.

Faveur products are made with love and care by Suzanne. When we first visited her, she was operating from a tiny space, but her soaps have become so popular that she is now expanding to a bigger facility in Montreal’s Mile End. If you’ve attended Suzanne’s workshop, you’ll agree that she is not just a great soap maker, but also incredibly warm and lovely, which makes us even bigger fans!

We sell a number of Faveur products at NU Grocery:

  • Faveur Organic Liquid Soap (commonly known as Castile Soap) – buy it in bulk at our refill station. We carry an unscented and citrus scented version.
  • Faveur Household Soaps. These soaps are true all-rounders. You can clean anything with them, your dishes or your bathtub! Available at the store, scent-free or with a subtle citrus scent.
  • Faveur Shampoo Bar for dry hair or oily hair. They are particularly smooth to your hair and so handy when travelling – no need to carry around shampoo bottles. Available at the store and online.
  • Faveur Touski Bar Soap. This is one of our favourite zero waste products! The name Touski comes from the French “Tout ce qui reste” which mean “All that is left over”. And that’s what this soap is! It is made from leftover ugly soaps and scraps from Faveur’s regular soap production, so every batch is unique and always a surprise. And nothing goes to waste! Available at the store and online.
  • Faveur Natural Deodorant. Made with clay and coconut oil, it is the most effective natural deodorant that we’ve tried (and we have tried a bunch!), in addition to being gentle to your skin (no rashes or chemical burns). We sell it in a glass jar at the store and online, as well as in bulk at the store. So when your jar is empty, just come to the store for a refill!