Printed Bulk Bag Duo

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Made of 100% natural cotton. One bag features two whales, the other one a jelly fish. Ideal to buy large quantities of dried foods, produce or a loaf of bread. Dimensions of the bags: 11" x 13". Lightweight and washable. Close with a drawstring.

The beautiful hand drawings turn the otherwise bland bulk bag into something special! Bulk bags are a great alternative to jars when you buy dry foods. They are light, take little space and don't make noise (you know... the typical sound of the zero waste shopper carrying all their jars ;)). Wash with cold water to avoid shrinkage. 

Gift idea: With their beautiful prints, these bags can be used as a gift and gift wrap all in one. Fill them with your favourite zero waste essentials and you'll have a great zero waste lifestyle gift package!

Material: 100% natural cotton

Made in British Columbia

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