Lentil & Bean Soup Mix

Packaging: Brown paper bag
Sale price $2.95


"Not only a great source of plant-based protein, but beans also include fiber, which is a nutrient that most people aren't getting enough of. Lentils are a sustainable source of protein and because they are a nitrogen fixing crop they support soil health and quality." - Amy Longard. Click here to browse our Superfoods by Amy Longard collection!

Ingredients: Green split peas, small red Mexican beans, pink beans, navy beans, yellow split peas, green lentils, pinto beans, whole green peas, black eyed peas, black turtle beans, baby lima beans.

Price per kg: $4.90

Sold in units of 750 ml - or one full jar - as shown in our product picture. Product is measured, transferred to a compostable brown paper bag tied with an elastic rubber band, and labelled. Net weight is approximately 600 g.

Origin: Canada

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