LAST CHANCE! Vegan Cashew Cheese

Flavour: Épicé
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"If you're going dairy-free or have a dairy allergy, you must try Happy Heart vegan cheese. This local company has done an amazing job of creating very authentic cheeses using cashews." - Amy Longard. Click here to browse our Superfoods by Amy Longard collection!

Ingredients: whole raw cashews, filtered water, sea salt, vegan probiotic cultures, vegan p. candidum. Different flavours will have additional ingredients.

Camembert : White rind, very rich in calcium, creamy buttery inside, silky texture and delicate taste. Aged 4-6 weeks.

Canneberge: Soft cranberry goat-style. Sweet and creamy mouthfeel. Cultured for 2-3 weeks for full flavour development.

Cendré: Cendré-style. A rind of of vegetable black ash creates the characteristic ripening environment of this fine and delicate dairy-free, ash-aged cheese.  Soft and fantastic overall mouthfeel. Aged 4-6 weeks.

Épicé: Cultured with Spanish smoked paprika, allowing 2-3 weeks of culturing time for full smoked paprika flavour development. Creamy texture, outstanding smoky, exotic flavours, and mild spicy notes.

Fumé: Cold-smoked to perfection with hickory wood smoke and then aged 4-6 weeks, allowing the smoke flavours to penetrate and develop inside, over time. An incredible plethora of sharp, sweet, smoky notes, accompanies every bite of this very special dairy-free cheese.

Shèvre: Soft chèvre-style. Delicate mouthfeel with a harmoniously aromatic herbed rind, featuring basil, rosemary, thyme and oregano. Cultured for 2-3 weeks for full herbal flavour development.

Packaged in a compostable brown paper. Net weight: 150 g.

Origin: Ottawa

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