At NU, products are sold in bulk, free of wasteful single-use packaging.
Bring a reusable container and follow these simple steps:

What if you don’t have containers with you?

No problem. We offer free compostable paper bags for dry products and lend clean jars for wet products. We ask for a small deposit that we reimburse when you return the jar.

What about products that are not available in bulk?

In some cases, packaging is required. For milk, yogurt and jam for example, selling in bulk is not yet a practical option. So we sell these products in redeemable glass jars or bottles. You pay a deposit, and we refund this deposit when you return the empty jar or bottle. This might not be package-free, but it is still zero waste!

How has NU changed since Covid-19?

We continue to serve our community during the pandemic. In addition to our already strict health and food safety procedures, we have taken many steps to create the safest zero waste shopping environment possible. Additional rules include:

  • Mandatory hand sanitizing after entering the store
  • Mandatory face masks
  • Cap on the number of customers allowed in our stores at any given time (3 at NU Wellington, 4 at NU Main)
  • Physical distancing – customers and staff are required to keep a safe 2m distance from each other
  • Mandatory use of our clean funnels when filling up containers brought from home
  • Sanitization of surfaces, scoops and handles throughout the day
  • Plexiglas shields at checkout
  • Monitoring and enforcement of our rules by a friendly “bouncer”

If you prefer to avoid shopping in person, our delivery service might be right for you! We deliver plastic-free groceries to your doorstep every Monday and service Ottawa’s downtown from Carlingwood in the West to Rockliffe Park in the East.

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