Plant-Based Oat Milk Concentrate - Organic and Gluten-Free

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If you've been looking for a creamy, delicious oat milk, then look no further! A small jar of concentrate yields 1L of plant milk. Shake well or blend for best results. The concentrate is shelf stable for up to 6 months at room temperature. Once mixed, refrigerate and enjoy for up to 7 days. 

Ingredients: Organic gluten-free oats, organic sunflower oil, Himalayan salt, amylase

Sold in a 125 ml deposit glass jar. Net weight is approximately 110 g. Will make 1 liter of mylk.

Jar deposit: a $1 deposit is included in the price. Please bring the empty jar back to one of our stores and get your deposit back. If using delivery services, please return empty jars on your next delivery for refund. You can also keep the jar and use it for your own storage needs!

Made in Quebec

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