Bread Bag

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Made of 100% natural cotton. Perfect to bring home a loaf of bread and store it for 3 days. This reusable bag was initially designed for bread but it can also be used as a fruit and vegetable bag, cosmetic bag, and much more! Roll the top of the bag and close it with the cotton string. Dimensions: 13.5'' x 13''. 

This beautiful bread bag is made of thick cotton that will let bread breathe but protect it from drying out. So you can really store bread for a couple of days. The quality and finishing are exceptional.

GIFTING TIP: This bread bag is a gift in itself, but can also serve to wrap other gifts. Fill it with other goodies, like bamboo utensilsreusable straws, reusable makeup pads... you have endless options for a wonderful zero waste gift bag. 

Material: 100% natural cotton

Made in Montreal

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