Oriculi (Reusable Ear Cleaner)

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Widely used in Japan and China, Oriculis are the reusable and zero waste alternative to Q-tips. These little bamboo sticks with a flat ending are designed to scoop out the ear wax that accumulates at the entrance of the ear canal. Don't go further - ear wax protects the ear drum and should be kept there. 10 cm long. The little coloured ball at the end of the Oriculi helps you to tell them apart so each family member has their own. Sold by the unit.

If you clean your ears with Q-tips, consider the switch to the Oriculi! Regular users swear by it. If you order more than one we will automatically send Oriculi with different colours.

GIFTING TIP: Add a few products to make it a zero waste bathroom kit! For example: a bamboo toothbrush, dental floss, a pack of reusable makeup remover pads, a nice artisan bar soap, etc. Use a cotton bulk bag as a gift wrap and you're good to go!

Material: Bamboo

Made in France

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