Happy Hallogreen !

We don't sell wrapped candies, but are excited about these spooky sugar cookies from our local supplier Yummy Cookies. Fun, delicious, and very hallogreen! It’s Halloween! Gaggles of trick-or-treating kids in shiny costumes will soon roam our streets. We will stock up on wrapped candies and decorate our doorsteps with carved pumpkins and [...]

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You are friendly and customer-oriented. You learn quickly, work hard and can be counted on. You are passionate about the environment and consider waste as an important issue. Then apply to become a NUbie (our store staff)! Click here to know more. 

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Do Your Own Cleaning Products Workshop

Last weekend we hosted our first workshops of the year with Suzanne Laverdière from Faveur Montreal, one of our makers of natural soap. Both the morning and afternoon workshop were well attended and Suzanne taught us her easy recipes for laundry powder, natural stain remover and her (truly) magic scrubbing paste. Want to try them [...]

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Got mylk?

We explained and practiced MYLK-making during last week's workshop. Got it! Over the past months many of you have asked us to carry non-dairy milk alternatives at the store. The reality is we could, but the shelf life would be extremely short - only up to 3 days - which, we are afraid, [...]

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